Why Cryptocurrency’s fail

There are many reasons why cryptocurrencies fail to make it in the market. Many of them are related to the lack of understanding by investors and speculators.
We should also consider scams and frauds as a reason for cryptocurrency failures, because they often cause a lot of damage to the industry.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is generated and used in a decentralized manner. The cryptocurrency market has been growing for a while but there are some cryptocurrencies that have failed due to various reasons.
New crypto-currency can be created at any time by anybody with an internet connection. There is no need for approval from a government or financial institution. In fact, many of the newer bitcoin millionaires are just teenagers who were earning pocket money from the market before it got too big.
However, there are still ten or so cryptocurrencies that have failed over the years because of technical errors or mismanagement, including Western Union’s WUcoin and Zimbabwe’s Golix coin.

There is a huge number of new cryptocurrency projects that are getting launched on a daily basis. This leads to the inevitable fact that some of these projects will end up failing.
The common factors that led to the failure of these cryptocurrencies were: lack of understanding, lack of demand, and lack of innovation.
Cryptocurrency failures usually happen when the developers do not execute well on their project or launch it without any working product.

A cryptocurrency is nothing more than a digital currency that is created by cryptography. Cryptocurrencies are created using cryptographic algorithms that are based on mathematical principles. The reason why cryptocurrencies are so popular these days is because of the anonymity they offer.
There have been many cases of cryptocurrency failures throughout the years, some of them being more notable than others. For instance, there was one case where the developer didn’t understand how to code or code properly so he ended up creating a ‘pre-mined’ cryptocurrency which gave him an unfair advantage over other investors. There was also another case where the developers were not able to deliver any new features, which led to people losing faith in their project and eventually abandoning it altogether.

Cryptocurrencies are a form of money that is digital and uses cryptography to process and verify transactions. Cryptocurrency is the first decentralized digital currency and it has been around since 2009.
There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the world but only a few have become successful at what they do. However, there are many that have failed due to many factors such as regulation, technology challenges, lack of users, lack of community support and more.
The following cryptocurrencies failed because they had no use cases or underlying potential:

  1. Coinye West
  2. I0Coin
  3. SolidCoin
  4. Libertycoin

    The world is still wondering how Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency of the 21st century, has reached such a high level of success. However, there are also some digital currencies that have failed to reach the same level of success. Let’s take a look at one cryptocurrency that have failed.
    1) Onecoin: Onecoin is one of the more recent digital currencies that has failed to gain traction in the market. It was launched in 2014 and its developers claim it is backed by gold and has its own cryptocurrency called onecoin. The currency only exists on an online platform and it does not need banks for transactions, but it is condemned as a Ponzi scheme because no evidence has been provided to back up its claims about being backed by gold or any other physical asset.