So what is VRA?

Verasity is a blockchain based platform that makes all digital content creators and creators of original intellectual property rich. Verasity allows content creators to monetize their work without the need for advertising. Verasity is decentralizing the distribution of revenue by creating an ecosystem where users can trade their time, attention, and contributions in exchange for rewards in VERA coin.

Verasity is a revolutionary blockchain project that has been created to change the way content creators and viewers interact in the digital age. The VRA token will enable users to monetize their content and earn tokens for interacting with viewers.

Verasity is a blockchain based decentralized platform that provides the means to distribute video content. It does this by incentivizing viewers and content creators for an open, fair and transparent platform. The vision of Verasity is to transform the way in which content is funded, promoted and consumed.

Verasity is a decentralized, peer-to-peer video sharing platform that will revolutionise the video advertising industry. By removing middlemen it will allow content creators to keep more of their earnings and control what they share with viewers. It also means no more adverts, no data misuse and a better user experience.

Where and How To Buy VRA Crypto Verasity UK

Step 1: You need to Register for an account on Binance

Right first off we need to make an account on Binance, this takes no time at all, and after that we will go through the steps needed to buy VRA from binance.

We like Binance because its the biggest platform for trading crypto and with that it has low fees.

In this guide we will be buying Bitcoin, and then trading it for VRA, as you cannot directly buy VRA.

You need to get yourself registered on Binance now here.

Get Started on Binance today!

how to buy VRA coin

Well once you have clicked my link, from making an account with binance you will see this above image.

Step 2: You must Verify your binance account

So next up you need to verify your account you just made.

You will need to do this by confirming the email you get when you made the account.

After this you can set up a KYC for added protection and increased withdraw limits

Step 3: Get BTC into your Binance wallet

So with that done, we need to get sorted with the next step to buying VRA.

Buy VRA coin binance

When you go on the platform homepage, you need to press on buy crypto, and then you will see this image above.

What we need to do is buy Bitcoin, as we need this to trade for the VRA.

So once you get to this page, simply choose the amount of money you want to spend, register your debit card.

After that click continue, and that’s it you are very close to getting your VRA crypto coins.

Step 3: You will need to Trade your BTC for VRA.

And this is the reason why we have suggested to register on binance, it has so many different crypto coins available to trade for, and with VRA it is no different. So all you need to do is trade your bitcoin for VRA.

Why choose VRA?

Verasity is a new video sharing platform with a difference, one that will offer the audience the opportunity to share their content with others for no cost. It has benefits such as lower costs per view.

Verasity is a new cryptocurrency that aims to be the best in the business. But why is Verasity coin cryptocurrency worth investing in? This question can be answered by reading through VRA’s white paper, which outlines their goals and how they plan on achieving them.

VRA is a solid project, recently been audited and given an A grade by a leading crypto auditor Xangle.

The market it is attempting to solve is worth BILLIONS… Online could solve a $160 billion problem so there’s that.

Some Great points for VRA are.

  • Max Supply capped
  • POV Technology Patented.
  • Project has use cases ( and
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Worldwide Patent Applied
  • Patent extended to NFT
  • Support Staking (passive income while increasing demand for VRA)

Verasity is an ETH token, patented the Proof of View technology — which benefits publishers and brands by stopping ad fraud, which is such a valuable tool which is going to be really important.

Proof of View ensures every view is by a human, cutting out all the bots and fake views — which can make up to 40% of views or $140B in lost revenue.

Sponsors and brands of our Esports tournaments will have the first beta launch of our PoV technology later this year which will benefit the Brands by saving them significant money. By leveraging Esports events through the Verasity ecosystem, Verasity is able to test its ad tech and PoV technology to the benefit of all parties involved. This is the first time blockchain technology is being used at scale in the real world to significantly impact publishers, advertisers and you 🙂

VRA is setting out to eliminate the problem of fake views.

It’s a big (perhaps unnoticed) problem that plagues YouTube, Instagram and other media sites. What it does as of now is it allows users to claim a reward for watching the video in full, and is then classified as a legitimate view for the video/channel.

Can you buy VRA on Binance?

Yes if you follow our guide you can get started, in three steps you can get VRA from Binance.

1.Sign up to Binance

2.Fund your Binance account with BTC

3.Trade BTC for VRA in the exchange, look for the correct trading pair

Is VRA a good investment?

There is a lot of interest in VRA, which had been realized quite some time ago. It’s hard to know where the project will take us, but overall the market has taken the initiative and it has been rising in price with a lot of interest