What is LTO

The live LTO Network price today is $0.342742 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $24,491,868 USD. We update our LTO to USD price in real-time. LTO Network is up 8.74% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #433, with a live market cap of $101,858,218 USD. It has a circulating supply of 297,186,170 LTO coins and a max. supply of 403,393,276 LTO coins.

If you would like to know where to buy LTO Network, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in LTO Network stock are currently Binance

LTO Network has established itself as Europe’s leading blockchain with strong real-world usage. It was founded on B2B enterprise solutions such as decentralized workflows, data & document verification and authentication. In 2021, LTO Network’s COBALT mainnet update expanded this solid base with the addition of Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC), putting LTO Network on the road of becoming a true layer-1 blockchain. In turn, Decentralized Identities and Verifiable Credentials are at the core of LTO Network’s newest focus; NFT2.0 technology, where people truly own and manage their NFTs in a decentralized way.

By utilizing its hybrid (2-layer) approach, LTO Network is natively GDPR compliant. This ensures easy compliance for companies around the world with ever-increasing privacy laws. Because of this, LTO Network enables developers and businesses to build Privacy Aware Decentralized Apps (PADA) and offers many unique opportunities for projects to explore.

Immediate plans for LTO Network include NFT2.0, decentralized identities/verifiable credentials driving KYC, expansions on already established projects and much more.

LTO Network Tech

LTO Network launched their mainnet in January 2019. It is a hybrid blockchain platform with a public permissionless layer and a private layer acting as private miniature blockchains for the parties involved in the process. Originally a fork from WAVES, LTO Network has been heavily modified and expanded upon for decentralized workflows and business process automatization. It continues to evolve and develop solutions to bridge observed gaps between the real world and the cryptospace, aiming to be a cross-chain base layer for distributed and collaboration dApps like Chainlink, origin trail, the graph, etc..


LTO Network has always prioritized integration with existing applications, which requires flexibility. Typically, blockchains support one cryptographic algorithm (“cipher”) for signing. LTO Network utilizes the ED25519 standard.

While ED25519 is a common and well-supported standard, there are other algorithms that are also commonly used. Decentralized Identities allow for a whole range of ciphers, but often only a single one can be used due to limitation of the underlying layer.

Not LTO Network. In addition to the ED25519 standard, LTO Network also supports ECDSA with two curves. 1. secp256r1: a NIST standard, commonly used in applications, as well as SSL certificates. 2. secp256k1: a curve that is commonly used by blockchains, notably Bitcoin and Ethereum, but rarely used outside the world of cryptocurrencies.

With multi-cipher support people can now use an Ethereum public / private key set to sign transactions on LTO Network, or as a Decentralized Identity verification method.

How Is the LTO Network Secured?

The LTO Network is fully compliant with the European Union’s GDPR data protection law. The hybrid LTO framework allows private blockchains to be as scalable as possible while still having the security characteristics of the already widespread public blockchains. LTO Network is secured by the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.

Who Are the Founders of LTO Network?

Firm24 initially began developing LTO Network as LegalThings One in 2014. In 2017, it decided to add blockchain to the product and rebrand it to LTO Network.

  • CEO: Rick Schmitz is an experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of LTO Network. Prior to that, he worked in private equity and mergers & acquisitions at Deloitte and PwC.
  • CFO: Martijn Migchelsen is CFO, COO and co-founder of LTO Network. Previously, he worked as a corporate finance consultant at PwC.
  • Lead Architect: Arnold Daniels is co-founder and lead architect of the project. Arnold has extensive experience in open-source development and leads the core development team that is focused on building the platform that is LTO Network. Before LTO Network, Daniels worked as a lead software engineer at Cloud9.
  • CTO: Sven Stam is the CTO of LTO Network. He has a master’s degree in artificial intelligence and has been in the industry for over 15 years.

What Makes LTO Network (LTO) Unique?

The two key features of LTO Network are easy-to-use live contracts and the implementation of the hybrid blockchain mechanism with anchorage.

The live contracts allow parties to create mutually beneficial agreements in real-time. When the parties come to an agreement and launch a live contract, the LTO parent system creates a special private blockchain in order to record the history of events and the contract’s current state.

When the agreement is fulfilled, one of the parties sends a response to the blockchain, and the other signs it, allowing the node to confirm that the action has taken place. All contract data is available only to its parties.

Live contracts allow users to register actions, add/remove participants and record discussions on the blockchain. They also make it possible to resolve conflicts and insert sub-processes within the framework of an existing agreement.

The blockchain functionality is divided into two layers: public and private. The private layer is designed for efficient collaboration, data exchange and process automation. In turn, the public layer provides high-level security, thanks to distributed nodes and a reward system.

Where To Buy LTO Network (LTO) In The UK

Step 1: Register on Binance for the best UK low fee trading prices for LTO

Well what you need to first is get on binance, because binance has everything in one place that you will need to trade and get fantom, plus many other coins that are not available on other exchanges, it is one the biggest in the world with lots of buying and selling volume so getting hold of your coin will be no issue at all.Get started today on Binance

binance register LTO

When you are creating your account make sure you use a safe password, and your email. Also remember when you input your name DOB and address you need it to be 100% accurate so make sure you do not mis type anything.

This is because you may have to send in your I.D to give your account security, which is normal to have KYC on anything financial related. Along with this make sure that your mobile number is again a working one that you use as you will need a text code when you sign into your account.

These steps are needed for keeping your account safe.

These steps will not really take that long and within 20 minutes you will be all done.

Step 2: Use your Fiat to buy Bitcoin, which will allow a quick method to get LTO

So when you get on binance you will need to use your account to buy some BTC with FIAT, you can use your debit card for this, or if you can wait a little long do a bank transfer and avoid the small fees.

Either way in this guide we will look at buying BTC with a debit card as its the most beginner friendly method.

And i do not recommend buying your crypto on another platform like coin base then moving it across like i have seen on other guides, this is just going to rack up more costs for you with fees when you move it onto binance. So by staying on binance we will keep the costs down.

Step 3. Use the trading platform to trade for LTO Network (LTO), its very simple to do

Next up we need to trade our BTC for LTO Network (LTO) to do this all. To get there click on trade, then basic you need to type LTO which will get you the LTO/btc trading pair.

Since we already bought BTC earlier this step will be easy to get LTO Network (LTO), click onto the pair and you will be ready for the next step to buying LTO) on binance

Now with this you have a few different ways to buy, so you can firstly buy in increments of 25% 50% or 100% of your BTC in the wallet.

Also with this you can see limit order and market order, these are the two buying methods here, if you are a complete beginner i would suggest clicking market price as its the quickest and easiest method.

But if you are a little more advanced click on limit order and you can choose your own price, with the prices currently being sold on the left you can wait to try and get it at a better price, you can set a buy order at a price and walk away and come back later. I would recommend if you are good with TA and good at price predictions.

Why is LTO a good investment?

LTO has HUGE potential!

  1. Largest blockchain in Europe, and one of the most used in the world
  2. An already working product
  3. Real world customers. IBM partnership.
  4. Transactions and adoption are increased day-by-day
  5. Already in Binance, more markets to come soon (US)
  6. Small market cap (250m), huge uptrend potential!
  7. Great tokenomics for such a real project. It’s actually deflationary like Safemoon. You will end up with more money in the long run, without even invest anyone, due to supply reduce!

Partnership with the United Nations for land registry in Afghanistan and they have 3+ more countries in the pipeline.Partnership with IBM and they are working with them on 2 different projects. The first is around a better process for dealing with petty crimes and the other is around the collection of environment dataPartnership with Chainlink to bring government compliant Defi to the LTO Network in Q3Large focus on Decentralized Identity and Self-Sovereign IdentityThere was a recent merger announcement to do with real estate but I can’t seem to find itTop 15 blockchains in transactionsStill a low marketcap being outside the top 200 on Coinstats