What Is Star Atlas (ATLAS)?

Star Atlas is an online game that takes place in this virtual gaming metaverse. It includes cinematic-quality environments which are powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Star Atlas takes place in a future science fiction world where three major factions have emerged and are competing for resources and control: people, alien races, and robots.

The game combines different genres by including elements of strategy. You can create tactical plans that will help you out with making decisions like the right choice to make, which faction to take them on, and how to interact with other players & factions.

Part of it is exploration, as the game features an abundance of stars for exploration and exploitation. Since players can travel to and explore these stars independently through first-person flight, it’s both a flight simulation & MMO game!

Besides mine resources and make a profit, playing the game has been likened to that of a role-playing experience.

Playing as a faction is a great way to explore the game and see what you’re in for if you really want to experience something unique. But aside from those few who have been given access, the vast majority of players start off as security guards without combat – so everyone can enjoy themselves equally. As you grow stronger, you gradually step into more interesting gameplay with the role choice

What are some of the biggest pillars in a great sci-fi? Deep space exploration, empire building through alliances, combat, mining resources and planet colonizing.

You can exchange bucks for some serious cash later.

Don’t wait for 2019 to be the second coming of Star Atlasses, we foresee them making an appearance and becoming a big hit at the start of this year. After all, they’re being built on the Solana blockchain and backed by several other projects that are also based off it!

Our Star Atlas project’s token is scheduled to begin trading in August 2021. We’re still working on the detailed release schedule for this, but stay tuned!

Who Are the Founders of Star Atlas?

De De Byrne, Pablo Retardo Quiroga, and Michael Dwek Wagner founded Star Atlas.

Michael Wagner enjoys his work at the fund which focuses on raising money for start-ups because of the best networking opportunities. Employees enjoy the flexible hours and unlimited vacation time afforded to them.

Pablo Quiroga is the founder of a supplement startup and worked in biotechnology before co-founding Star Atlas. Deb Lucas has a finance-based background with posts at Charles Schwab and Barclays.

Where & How To Buy Star Atlas ATLAS

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Is Star Atlas a good investment?

A great way to escape from your everyday is to choose a virtual reality experience which is visually stunning. If you find yourself addicted, there’s a chance that trading them for real-life currency might be beneficial. Star Atlas aims to provide an immersive metaverse gaming experience that encompasses several genres and combines a cinema-quality gaming experience with the ability to earn virtual assets that can be

It will be an extremely versatile platform that can offer a lot of different gameplay possibilities, putting it ahead of many competitors. It is not the only game with this functionality, but it has no weaknesses in any specific area.

Games are more than just something you play. There are some interesting perks available that make gaming more fun like the ability to earn cash by trading in-game assets with other players or explore the game’s virtual world. The games are also designed to be fun even if you aren’t playing it so they don’t have a barrier of entry.

ATLAS is in-game cryptocurrency that can also be used to purchase NFTs in the game’s marketplace. These NFTs then function as game items like ships and weapons.

Now, players are able to choose a profession, such as CEO, broker, bounty hunter, pirate and a large number of others to fulfill roles on spaceships. Spaceships will also have the option to combine resources and compete not only independently but also in teams.

The POLIS tokens, the second token of the Star Atlas universe, will be utilized as a governance token in these space cities and decisions involving their development.

Star Atlas plans to offer an NFT marketplace and an NFT release schedule. Moreover, Serum DEX integration provides token holders with the option for liquidity and removes barriers associated with these services.