What is OCEAN?

A blockchain-based ecosystem that allows individuals and businesses to easily unlock the value of their data and monetize it through the use of ERC-20 based datatokens.

The services available through Ocean Protocol make it much easier for customers to access datasets that were previously unavailable or difficult to find. Publishing data is no longer an issue because through the services provided, advertisers, publishers and customers all win.

This kind of data can be purchased on the Ocean Market. It can be ‘consumed’ or ‘sold,’ according to your preferences.

On Ocean Protocol, each data service is represented by a unique datatoken. This allows third-parties to perform operations on the data without it ever leaving the secure enclave. A number of companies are using OPD to build blockchain applications

OCEA is used as a governance token as well as for buying and selling data as the basic unit of exchange on the Ocean Market.

These datatokens are traded on an openmarket for OCEAN-datatoken, whose price is defined by supply and demand.

Who Are the Founders of Ocean Protocol?

Ocean Protocol was co-founded by an experienced group of consultants and entrepreneurs, who have a wealth of experience in developing and growing high tech businesses.

The Ocean Protocol core team also includes (and you should know this because they are all experts): Mr. Bruce Pon, the current CEO of BigchainDB; someone else who is known as an experienced international project manager but has yet to be named; and Mrs. Cristina Pon, the temporary CEO of BigchainDB, who is also an experienced engineer

Razvan, who has more than 20 years of experience in IT Operations, has become an advisor to both Ocean Protocol & BigchainDB while marketing director at both companies.

The Ocean Protocol is composed of 15 members who are experts in AI, blockchain, big data

Where & How To Buy Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

We think either Coinbase or Binance are the best options for beginners.


Binance logo over their trading interface

You should buy BTC on Binance then trade it for Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges online. It has multiple benefits that make it easy to use.

Binance offers multi-language support, wide range of currencies, and high liquidity. The company also does not require a verification process for first time users which makes it a great option for beginners.

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that has been around since 2014. They have a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to trade and have a low 0.1% fee for all trades.

Among the many benefits of this exchange, one is the option to trade different cryptocurrencies at the same time. This means that you can compare different coins and find out which one will be better for you in the future.

The options that binance provides make it easier to make decisions on what you should invest in as an investor.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been gaining popularity due to its revolutionary trading platform.

The biggest advantage that Binance offers is its ease of use. Even people who are not very familiar with crypto trading can trade on it without having to go through the hassle of understanding the complex technology behind it.

This is because Binance has created an interface that makes learning and getting started quite simple. Users can easily track their trades and change their settings with just a few clicks of the mouse. They can also monitor their performance and compare their strategies against other traders in the same field.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been in the news for its good points. Here are the best features of this exchange:

Binance offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens and one can trade them with ease.

It is user-friendly and offers exceptional customer service.

The platform also has a low trading fee of 0.1%.

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Buy Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) on Coinbase

Coinbase Review 2021 | Bankrate

You should buy BTC on coinbase then send it to an alt exchange to trade it for Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)!

The benefits of using coinbase exchange is a topic that has been discussed a lot. But here, I would like to discuss some of the good points of the coinbase exchange.

The first benefit of using coinbase is that it is a US-based platform with no transaction fees for cryptocurrency transfers.

The second benefit is that they have an instant buy and sell feature with cryptocurrencies. Using this feature, you don’t have to wait for the order to process which could take up to an hour or more.

In addition, Coinbase also provides its customers with a wallet which stores multiple currencies and assets along with credit card purchases through their platform.

To make the most out of your purchase, Coinbase provides an easy-to-navigate user experience with its intuitive interface.

The website has a sleek design, intuitive layout, and clear language. It also offers advanced security features to provide peace of mind when trading cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase is a US-based digital currency exchange that allows users to buy and sell BitcoinBitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin with US dollars or other popular fiat currencies like British pounds or Japanese yen.

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Is OCEAN a good investment?

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized application that allows people to make use of the Ocean Market to tokenize their data in order to make it more accessible. This process has allowed for previously unavailable data sets, such as wetland, oceanographic, and environmental datasets.

Data publishers are making an extra earnings stream while scientists, researchers, data analysts, and anyone else get access to more reliable data

Ocean Protocol provides tools for firms to build and launch their own data markets. These includes managers, contributors, and customers. They also have a comprehensive library of documentation that explains how to use Ocean Protocol in a lot of detail.

Holders of OCEAN tokens can directly participate in the datatoken economy by staking their tokens on datasets on the Ocean Market. For those who stake their tokens, the transaction fee is split with those who buy these datasets from the pool.

As of November 2020, the circulating supply of Ocean tokens is 414 million. This is out of a fixed maximum supply at 1.41 billion, which was set in the new Ocean contract deployed on August 21st, 2020.

Only 50 years until all the OCEANs are released, but over 600 million tokens will be in circulation by 2022 and 1 billion by 2031.

Out of the total ocean supply, 20% is allocated to the project founders, 15% to acquirors (SAFTE purchasers), 5% to the Ocean Protocol Foundation and the remaining 60% will be distributed among those that run Ocean nodes.

How Is the Ocean Protocol Network Secured?

OCEAN is currently an ERC-20 coin operating on the Ethereum blockchain, which is backed by a strong defense of POW mining and node network. Ocean has been successfully defended against various attacks.

Ocean Protocol operates on a PoA sidechain since this would make sure datatokens remain compatible with the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

Where Can You Buy Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)?

OCEN tokens are now trading on over 34 different major exchanges, with no prospect of slowing down. As you can see, it’s extremely easy to find an exchange for your OCEAN tokens.

Binance is an exchange with great liquidity and support OCEAN. If you’re looking to trade OCEAN on Uniswap, this may not be the best option for you due to its lack of liquidity.

OCEAN currently cannot be purchased directly with fiat currencies on any supported exchanges. But you can buy Bitcoin with fiat instead, and then exchange this to OCEAN on a platform of your choosing.