Mongoose was released as an ERC-20 token 8th Septmember after the Congress hearing into crypto.

Senator Brad Sherman asked what would happen if a meme coin called Mongoose Coin were created.

A skilled and experience team released Mongoose Coin, $mong.

Mongoose Coin aims to primarily bring more people into crypto with safe token that’s locked and renounced. With a big goal fitting of the regulation theme.

Mongoose will create the first ever platform to allow anyone to post their own predictions of ERC-20 and BSC coins. The platform will record the price and time the caller posted their prediction.

This new platform will flip the current model of influencer based calls on it’s head to results based calls being recognised regardless of their followers.

The coin is new today but the functionality is 6 months into production and will release soon

Where & How To Buy Mongoose (MONGOOSE)

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