What is Harmony ONE?

Harmony ONE is the first sharded proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network, it solves the “blockchain quadrilemma” – the ability of a network to be simultaneously scalable, secure, decentralised but also private.

For those who do not know: sharding is smart way to partition the network into independently acting entities. This is where ONE places heavy emphasis on interoperability and cross-chain finance.

This article is about the benefits of using Harmony ONE cryptocurrency for transactions.

Harmony One is a cryptocurrency that was designed to unite people from all different backgrounds and levels of society. It gives everyone an equal chance to be part of something greater than themselves and experience richer and more fulfilling lives.

The Harmony One Token (HOT) is the cryptocurrency that will power this global project.

The importance of cryptocurrencies has increased over recent years due to their decentralized nature which means there is no single point of failure or exploitable vulnerability.

Harmony ONE is a digital currency that is meant to help people around the world use financial services easily with money that is available in their own area. It is not just about making it easy to use, but also about making it safe and secure for everyone.

It was created by two young entrepreneurs, one of which has a background in cybersecurity. The company has plenty of experience in the blockchain space and will be investing heavily into building out its platform with the constant help of the community.

There are different ways people can earn HODL tokens on Harmony ONE – for example, contributing content to the platform, running nodes, or through mining – but most importantly, they will be given free HODL tokens when they join the network.

Main takeaway from ONE: ONE is a fast and scalable “Blockchain 3.0” project.

Where can I buy Harmony ONE easily? Binance is our pick for you.

In this guide we will go over the simple steps you need to do to buy harmony one, and have it in your crypto wallet in no time at all.

So lets get started.

Where and How Can I Buy Harmony ONE UK

Step 1: Quick and easy – you need to sign up for an account on Binance

This is the first step that you will need to get done before you can buy anything, we will be looking at buying a coin that you can trade into harmony ONE. The coin that we will be buying in this guide, will be bitcoin BTC. This is because it is a pair with harmony ONE, and just about any other coin will be paired with BTC.

And we have to do this because you cannot directly buy harmony one with your debit card anywhere at the moment, so you will need to use this method.

So step one click on our link to get through to binance and create your account.

Harmony ONE sign up binance

You will see this on your screen, all you need to do now is create your account, remember to use all your real information and put it in accurately as you may need to provide ID at some point to increase the security on your binance account.

We recommend using binance for this because it has the most pairs of coins and you can also use your debit card to use your fiat to buy Bitcoin.

Step 2: You need to then verify your account

This will be quick and easy to do, you will need to use your phone to set up KYC, and perhaps upload your ID to prove you are a real person. But all in all it will not take long to get this sorted and remember it is to protect you and your account after all.

Step 3: Get BTC into your Binance account so you can use it to trade for ONE

We can use different method here to get what we want, if you have BTC on a wallet somewhere, send it into your binance account.

If you have none, then click on buy crypto in the binance platform and then click on BTC.

Now you can use your Visa card to purchase Bitcoin. Choose the amount you want to spend and click buy, there all done you now have bitcoin in your wallet.

We are nearly done, but a few more steps are needed before you have ONE in your wallet.

Step 4: Find Harmony ONE pair with BTC

In this step all you need to do is click trade and then click classic.

After this you will see an image like below

Harmony ONE buy binance

You need to type ONE, into the box like I have one here.

Then you need to click on ONE/BTC since we will be using our BTC in trade for ONE.

It sounds simple because it is! We are nearly all done here.

Step 5: Buy Your Harmony One From Binance

When you do click on the pair you will see this screen below.

harmony ONE binance buy

From here all we need to do is over a few different options you have when buying and using your BTC.

Firstly you need to look at the scale, there is a bar which lets you use any amount of BTC that you have, it also lets you go up in percentages. From 0-100%.

You can if you are a beginner and want it straight away with no fuss click market, and buy. And that’s it all done, it will buy it at the current market price for you.

If you want to save a little and can predict where the price is going, put in a sell order at the price you think it will get to, and then wait for it to happen.

Either way you now are the owner of ONE.

Why should you buy Harmony ONE?

  • Harmony ONE is a blockchain-based platform, it is built to solve the riddle of delivering both scalability and decentralization at no expense of one another.
  • As of right now it has 2 second finality, yes 2 SECONDS.
  • Harmony ONES and Its fees are very cheap, like practically fee free when using it to do transactions.
  • The team behind Harmony are strong, look them up they have a lot of experience.
  • Harmony’s MC is roughly 1.1B right now, price is .1233 at the moment. There is a lot of room for this price to grow.
  • We have seen lately that harmony has been partnering up with some biggest names and announcing lots of new partnerships. Some big names are Animoca, Quidd, SWFT.
  • Staking, it’s 12% APY. Which is fantastic value and hard to beat anywhere.
  • The team and coin are doing great things, the only thing it lacks really is community. Harmony just needs more exposure and adoption in the crypto world.
  • We would definitely recommend adding this coin at least adding to your watchlist!

It’s actually light years ahead of ETH, BTC, ADA in speed, sharding, scaling, bridged to multiple chains, already running smart contracts, NFT davinci, working defi sushi swap DEX is on Harmony.

Final Conclusion: We think that Harmony ONE has fantastic technology and a very solid team which is really all you need to succeed, but it needs to distinguish itself and acquire major partnerships before it can be considered a premiere chain. But that is very possible going forward and I am optimistic about this coins future.

So if you want to get started buy it on Binance today.

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Can I buy Harmony One on Binance?

Yes if you follow our guide you can get started, in three steps you can get Harmony ONE from Binance.

1.Sign up to Binance

2.Fund your Binance account with BTC

3.Trade BTC for ONE in the exchange

Is Harmony One wallet safe?

Its an extremely safe wallet, that can only be access with the seed phrases which you must keep safe. We suggest using a trust wallet, which you can store Harmony on, and its recommended by the ONE team themselves.