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Introduction: What is TRIBE and What Problems Does It Attempt to Solve?

TRIBE is a blockchain-based social media platform that was created to tackle the issues of data privacy and advertising.

TRIBE is a decentralized social media platform that allows users to control their identity and data. They launched in March 2018. TRIBE’s goal is to empower consumers by giving them ownership of their personal data and putting them back in charge of how it’s used. The TRIBE token, TRIBE, is the currency that runs through and powers the entire ecosystem and gives users full control over their personal information.

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, TRIBE doesn’t show advertisements or collect any user data for targeted ads or sells that can be exploited by advertisers, marketers or others without consent (although there are still third-party trackers). Users

Tribes is a digital marketplace that connects artists and creatives directly with buyers. Tribes users get to buy original art pieces from their favorite artists without having to pay any sort of commission or fees.

Where and How To Buy Tribe (TRIBE) Crypto

We reccomend getting tribe from trading BTC on Binance, as you cannot buy tribe directly.

Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers hundreds of cryptocurrency trading pairs. These trading pairs include popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and many more.

Investors and traders can easily trade with Binance by just signing up for an account and depositing their Bitcoin. Once the Bitcoin is deposited, it can be converted to other cryptocurrencies at any time.

Buy TRIBE binance

Get BTC onto your account.

We recommend BTC for trading for tribe on binance

But the trading pairs are TRIBE/BTC, TRIBE/BNB, TRIBE/BUSD and TRIBE/USDT trading pairs, so you can choose any of the others and still be able to get TRIBE today from binance

With low trading fees, more traders can keep more of their profit. The Binance platform offers 0.1% on each trade with no minimums. Trading crypto on this site is also very easy and straightforward.

To do this you need to use your debit card or bank transfer.

In this guide we are looking at a debit card purchase, as its quicker but if you have more time you may prefer a bank transfer.

buy tribe

So follow this and then you can get your BTC with the debit card in no time!

Exchange your BTC for TRIBE

buy tribe binance

Get yourself to the binance homepage and click trade then you click classic, after that type in TRIBE, into the box like I have done here.

Then you are nearly done.


When you click on your trading pair you will be able to trade your BTC for tribe. Using the sliding percentage bar to 100% is a quick way to use all your BTC that you just bought.

Next you have 2 choices when buying either market or limit order.

Market price is the amount of money that a trader is willing to pay for a given currency. A limit order is an instruction from a trader to buy or sell at a certain price. If the market price of currency reaches the limit order, then the trade will be executed. This type of trade typically has smaller fees and shows up on trading platforms more quickly than other types of trades.

Why Invest in TRIBE?

Tribes is an app for artists, designers, and creative people. It’s a platform where you can sell your original artwork in an easy way.

Tribes is the only marketplace in the world where you can sell your original art directly from the artist to the customer – which makes it so special.

Tribes is a community driven marketplace, where anyone can upload their own digital content for sale or commission work. There are no middlemen involved when selling art on Tribes because it’s all done through blockchain technology.

Creators are responsible for setting prices, which means that they have control over how much they charge for their work. Customers will also enjoy this benefit because they know exactly what they’re getting into before purchasing an artwork or commissioning work from a creator.

TRIBE is a digital identity and social networking platform.

Users can control their online presence, digitally sign contracts, and securely share data with other blockchain enabled applications. TRIBE is an all in one solution for your digital identity and social media needs. Users can manage everything from their email to their passwords in one secure dashboard that requires no third party access or hacks.

TRIBE is a new digital identity and social networking platform that has been created to empower its members. In TRIBE, members are rewarded for their contributions, actively protecting their privacy and identities, and building lasting relationships.

The TRIBE app is available right now on the App Store or Google Play store.

– Tribes does not charge any commission for the buyer, meaning that the artist gets 100% of the profit from a sale.

– Artists can set their own prices and take back control over how much they want to sell their pieces for.

-Tribes has a built in messaging service so that users can engage with one another more directly.

TRIBE, a blockchain social media company, is a social media platform that aims to change the way we interact online.

TRIBE is a new type of social media. It’s built on the principles of transparency and incentivized interactions. This gives it the potential for less abuse and spam because people are rewarded for engaging with others and contributing to meaningful conversation.

The TRIBE team has taken what’s best about social media – connection, content creation, and gathering – and improved upon it by using blockchain technology to create a more transparent and incentivized environment.

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