how and where to buy GALA

What Is Gala Games (GALA)?

GALA is a platform that aims to build an ecosystem of blockchain games and the primary means of paying for services. It will support game developers, provide incentives for node operators, and introduce new types of rewards in the games. They have released a white paper for more information on their concepts.

Gala Games aims to give gamers more control over their time & efforts. The gaming industry has grown quite a bit in the past few years, and games are required to cost less money in order to make profits. Gala Games mission is “to make blockchain games you’ll actually want to play.”

The game would like to change the fact that players can spend hundreds of dollars or similarly minded amounts of currency on in-game assets, which could be taken away with the click of a button.

The use of blockchain technology to introduce creative thinking into games by giving players control of the games and in-game assets is planned by Angelica.

Players can own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and also influence the governance of games via the Gala Games ecosystem.

Gala’s Founders’ Node voting mechanism allows the company to prioritize what games get developed and what games are funded. To invest in a particular game, you can buy popular “NFTs” that represent that game.

Gala Games has used GALA and its own utility token in various ways so far. It has released a single playable game and an NFT collectible series called VOLX.

One of OneCoin’s plans in the future is to release more games. These include an ARPG game, a strategy game, and a TD game.

Just this year, Gala Games has seen more than 1.3 million monthly active users and 26,000 NFTs have been sold on the platform, while the priciest item went for $3 million.

How Is the Gala Games Network Secured?

The GALA token is the first token on the Ethereum blockchain, and will be used in all of its games. It runs on Ethereum’s Smart Contract system and requires a maximum of 50,000 Founder’s Nodes to secure it by validating in-game transactions.

When a new game is released on our platform, nodes can vote on its release. This is what makes Gala Games such a unique place to play the games you love. Node operators earn points by running nodes and helping us release as many games as possible.

In order to receive your GALA, you have to have a node running for six hours in a cycle or have at least four referrals with nodes going at the time of distribution. Your points would be combined and the amount given out is split between them equally.

Can Gala Games Hit Over $1?

Taking Gala between $0.02 & $1 would require an exponential 50X in share price. The company has a wide selection of games, experienced leadership, and is well positioned to grow in the future. This goal for growth may seem out of reach given recent trends in share price, but given time it could happen.

How Many Gala Games (GALA) Coins Are There in Circulation?

There will be a maximum total supply of 95 billion GALA. Currently, there are approximately 7 billion GALA tokens in circulation

Each day, 17,123,286 coins are distributed to airdrop participants at 2 a.m. Half of this amount is distributed to founders and the other half is shared with Gala Games’s conservatorship. Gala distribution for this year will halve on July 21st

Starting on July 21st of 2022, the daily distribution of GALA will be 8.5 million instead of 17 million. The GALA token serves as a utility token that is used to purchase items from the game and can be earned from running a node

Where and How to Buy Gala (GALA) Crypto

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Where and How to Buy Gala (GALA) Crypto

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Where and How to Buy Gala (GALA) Crypto

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Step 3: Trade Your Crypto For GALA

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Where and How to Buy Gala (GALA) Crypto

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Where and How to Buy Gala (GALA) Crypto

Use market or limit order, there are differences between these, you need to know this.

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What Makes Gala Games Worth Investing In?

Gala offers multiple blockchain games that focus primarily on fun and experimental gameplay. Blockchain technology doesn’t really play a major role in the gameplay and you’re most likely not going to come up with an entire sentence explaining what it is. Town Star is a browser-based simulation game that recently released and has some similarities to the gameplay of SimCity. Players build and manage their own town, while staying in control of it 24/7. VOX is Gala’s set of collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each VOX is unique and some are rarer than others.

An initial 8,888 VOX tokens were distributed for an average price of 0.0888 ETH, or about $280 at the time of writing. Although this was a novel idea following a trend of new ICO launches, VOX did more than just take the place of ethereum-backed avatars. Holders can lock up GALA and earn VOXcoin in the future by playing with their VOX avatars. They also get their own FBX file, which allows them to animate their avatars or even 3D print them at a later date.

Fortified is a player-versus-player tower defense game set in a fantastical medieval world. Players will compete to build the best tower defense strategies,

Mirandus is a fantasy RPG set in a massive world. Players will be able to own resources and claim land, build properties on it, and carry out transactions within the game.

Echoes of Empire is a sci-fi strategy game where players will have the opportunity to conquer space & own their own spaceships. The game also includes multiple different mod-able campaigns that can be customized with user created parts.

Spider Tank Project is a game that will be available for free online. Players will be able to play with friends and other players, and there will be an in-game revenue generator. It is set to release in Q4 2021.

Community feedback is one of the major constituents in Gala Games’ development process. They allow players to shape their games and get direct access to their devs.

Users can run Gala Nodes, which support the Gala network. In return, they receive rewards like GALA tokens and other opportunities.

The Gala Node ecosystem consists of a 3-layer system of nodes which are different based on the stakeholders of each layer. There is PoW, staking and storage. Founder nodes are additionally tier 1 based on 50,000 NFTs owned by the individual owning it.

This is a group of early supporters who receive rewards of NFTs from all future games and GALA.

Proof-of-Storage are nodes that will allow the games you use to be able to host themselves instead of relying on centralized hosting. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has a fee associated with it.