Where and How To Buy  AKRO (Akropolis) Crypto

What is Akropolis?

Akropolis is a financial protocol dedicated to the needs of bankless economies. It can be implemented on any blockchain with a virtual machine that supports Turing-complete computation. Our initial implementation will be on the Ethereum blockchain.

Within Akropolis, users are free to choose decentralized smart contract-based self-custody or nominate a regulated custodian. With the help of its protocol or team, Akropolis doesn’t store user data or engage in regulated activities such as facilitating or promoting.

What problems does AKRO Solve?

The complexity of starting an autonomous financial organization.

Providing benefits of aggregation to underserved users.

The geographic lottery of financial services availability

The skill of co-ops, guilds, and mutuals will not always lend themselves to being able to trust members. This means that there needs to be a system of co-ops, guilds, and mutuals that rely on mutually beneficial exchanges of value between members in order to create progress.

The 3 pillars of the industry are security, reliability, and transparency

How does it propose to solve what?

Participate in democratic, digital peer-to work economy experiments, setting up informal autonomous financial organisations (AFOs) that are run without geographical limitations or rigid structures to co-create, share, trade & learn.

By connecting AFOs to a previously impossible interoperable scalable network, value can be exchanged freely in a trust-minimised way. For example, microlending or co-investing are possible.

What exactly does AKRO want to do

No bank account will be required

DeFi allows you to save more money on a daily basis, because of the continuous payback.

There are various ways to encourage people to use the network, lower the cost of use and speed up delivery.

Continuous interest payments are also the preferred option. The borrower receives interest during the term of the loan, not just when it’s being repaid. In a trustless way, funds are stored on-chain in an on-ledger, where only verified users with permissions have access to them.

Transparency is a key feature in the cryptocurrency industry, and we want to bring that approach into your everyday lives. Enjoy unique features such as real-time and multi-signature funds. Reduce fraud and misuse of funds, and enjoy a high level of security and protection by implementing multi-signature wallets.

Protection against fraud/manipulation solvency

The bank and financial and investment and trust companies mentioned in the regulation will be able to process withdrawals should the organisation dissolve or fail.

Where and How To Buy  AKRO (Akropolis) Crypto

To start off we will need to register on binance, we recommend binance, we do this because of the following reasons

Binance is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency company. They have an app for iOS and Android, which allow users to trade for cryptocurrencies. It’s user-friendly interface keeps track of transactions in real time. They also offer decentralized exchange that supports trading across different pairs without relying on third party services. This ensures security and anonymity are not compromised.

Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform with its own token, BNB. It offers high-quality services at an affordable rate for the traders who are looking to make profitable trades.

binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that has been raising the bar in terms of technological innovation and user experience. With a sleek interface, binance allows users to trade efficiently and easily with a trading platform that is both easy to navigate and simple to use.

Where and How To Buy  AKRO (Akropolis) Crypto

2. Fund your Binance account with cryptocurrency

Now you have registered with binance you will need to go ahead and fund your account, we recommend funding it with BTC as this is the crypto that pairs with AKRO.

You can easily do this with your credit/debit card.

Where and How To Buy  AKRO (Akropolis) Crypto

3. Trade your BTC for AKRO

The third and last step of this guide is the trading.

Get to the classic trading section of the platform like below,

Where and How To Buy  AKRO (Akropolis) Crypto

Then you just need to find the AKRO/BTC trading pair, to do this you need to type AKRO in the box.

Where and How To Buy  AKRO (Akropolis) Crypto

Then click on the trading pair.

Where and How To Buy  AKRO (Akropolis) Crypto

After that you will see this image here, which is simple you just need to choose the amount of BTC you want to trade.

You can also type in the exact amount of BTC you would like to spend, or use the percentage slider to do that for you.

You are nearly done but hold on!

You have two options a market or limit order to choose from, which you really need to know the difference.

Binance is a multi-currency exchange that lets users buy and sell cryptocurrency. Market orders are auto-matched to the best price available, while limit orders are set at a specific price.

Why should you invest in AKRO

Akropolis Limited is a digital financial services platform that offers loans and other related solutions. The company believes that the traditional financial system has become too expensive and not suitable for modern day users. Our vision is to offer much more than taking out loans.

Decentralized financial AI services provide a wider range of opportunities for earnings, by integrating with DeFi.

The implementation of new functions is nearing completion and moving along at a fast pace

With Akropolis, you can track your savings & investments, lend to people in your immediate or extended network, create a loan around any specs you think are necessary. The platform is easy for everyone to use.

With fiat/stablecoin conversion and group-funding, you can take advantage of services like credit and insurance without the use of traditional institutions.

You can create a website to sell your products with Akropolis, where it’ll be easily searchable .

Who does AKRO target?

Numerous individuals and communities who lack access to traditional banking services, which they find limiting.

How do I get Akropolis on Binance?

You need to register on Binance, and then deposit BTC which you will need to trade for AKRO, following our guide, we can help you step by step to do this.

Is Akropolis a good investment?

AKRO looks to solve banking problems in an unique way, Akropolis is a financial protocol dedicated to the needs of bankless economies. It can be implemented on any blockchain with a virtual machine that supports Turing-complete computation. The initial implementation will be on the Ethereum blockchain.