how to mine HNT

What is Helium Mining How Does It Work

Helium is a blockchain that incentivizes the creation of a physical, decentralized wireless network.

Helium expects to be able to deploy a lot of the LoRaWAN hotspots this year and is because they’re paying people in monthly wages to run their network.

HotSpot hosts are paid in Helium Network Tokens (HNT). By having individuals across the world build and run the network, every host gets their fair payout.

Business model of the decentralized, worldwide wireless network has proven to be extremely effective. Their target market is anyone who wants to access the Internet with their smartphones. They currently have over 174000 hotspots globally and are adding more everyday

Helium is an alternative to Wi-Fi that can be used to provide connectivity for a class of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. LongFi is the Long Range Wi-Fi system that helps lower the cost of wireless coverage by up to 90%.

You get HNT tokens when you install the token generator on your miner. In return for that, you provide a place for it to run and where network locations can see your device. The placement of these devices in a general area allows a person using a location-based tracker to be able to determine whether or not someone is present in an area

How to start Helium Mining

There are several types of miners, both commonly known and those that you may not be familiar with. Some of the most common among them are Nebra, RAK Hotspot miner, both have indoor and outdoor miner.

Another way to get into mining is by connecting with a company that offers preorders for their miners in return for a given percentage of the mined helium. Since they are high-demand, it can take time to find an available offer right now. Emrit makes mining helium easy to get into. We charge free delivery and hand you everything you need to mine.

You can look online for your local HEX reward-scaling, you will gain more HNT when you have more miners that are near to you, which is known as a witness. Check out the helium website to see the local miners around you, and you are able to check out their earners too! So you will be able to see the amount of money everyone in your town gets.

Is mining Helium profitable?

The profitability of Helium mining varies depending on the location. However, for certain parts of the world, it can be very high with some hotspots earning over $1,500 a month.

How do I start mining Helium?

It is easy if you have a hotspot device to start mining Helium. Just install the HNT official app on your phone. Connect it to your hotspot & then it starts transferring device data and earning HNT Tokens

Can I make my own Helium miner?

The only hotspots distributed by approved manufacturers can mine HNT.

Are Helium hotspots safe to use?

Hotspots does not have any ability to access data from other devices on your network. Helium takes great care in protecting your privacy and security, ensuring that any information that comes into touch is safe. The hotspot wifi is safe & secure.

How soon you get a helium hotspot miner

At the moment there is a huge demand for these miners, with a massive backlog with all companies selling these with their orders. The wait time can take 6-8 months depending on which company that you use. So bear that in mind before you do purchase one of these.