In this article, we look at various crypto stocks under $3, and give you a brief overview of the company and their current business situation.

If you’re looking for a really high-risk, high-reward trade then there’s a couple of interesting options that can be worth going for.

The first thing to note is that these stocks are all very risky and volatile at the moment.

We recommend that you only invest if you have some spare cash on hand in order to take advantage when the opportunity arises.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile and risky investments in recent years. However, there are some good stocks that are trading under $3. These stocks would be a better investment than bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because their price is less volatile. Moreover, these stocks have potential to grow exponentially in the long-term if they get listed on major stock exchanges like binance.

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. Just make sure to invest your money wisely and not get carried away by the idea of getting rich quick. Cryptocurrencies can be very risky so it is best to buy them only if you have extra money that you don’t need to spend anytime soon.

The Best Crypto Stocks Under $3


Powerbridge just set up a new subsidiary that will focus on renewable energy crypto mining in Singapore. It’s called Powercrypto and they’ll be doing mining for the company Powercrypto also launched operations in Hong Kong, and this is another environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency mining initiative. The company has an expected deployment of 2,000+ rigs with the goal of mining $2M worth of coins per month.


Greenpro is also investing in the digital asset exchanges by forming SEATech Ventures Corp. (OTC:SEAV) and taking stakes in Link Capital and Samothracec International

Additionally, CEO CK Lee has become more confident about this latest investment. “We are very excited to kick off our Pre-STO Investment Program with Link Capital and ATM online,” he said.

both teams have experienced and capable managers that will drive your business forward and they’re in a great industry. There’s a lot of new demand coming up- it’s going to be good for them


On October 4, NextPlay entered into an agreement with NextBank International (formerly International Financial Enterprise Bank). This is a new subsidiary that they acquired on July.

NextPlay is working more closely with FinTech sector. For instance, they’re exploring the options about crypto and blockchain related investments, which include alternative asset management and securitized sequences

This recent purchase of Token IQ complements the company’s other purchase earlier this year. Token IQ offers capabilities like Kow Your Customer to help with regulatory requirements.

NextPlay clarified that they are adding their personal financial management service to their international banker. This is worth mentioning because the CEO recently purchased 1.99 million shares at an average price of $2 this month.


Earlier this year, the company announced an LOI for acquiring 51% of Angelo’s Pizza. They have plans to expand the century-old brand and are also looking at expanding into international markets.

That list of countries make up the top 10% of all active KCS token holders. Digital currency is valuable for them because they are use it to pay.

According to CEO Xianlong Wu, “Along with our plans to expand a restaurant with decades of success to have a global reach, we will be able to continue to grow our Bitcoin payment business.”


DMG has recently reported multiple successful transactions with Zodia Custody. They are a crypto asset custodian incubated by Standard Chartered and have Northern Trust as a co-investor. This is not all, DMG also announced that Zodia will be using their Blockseer platform – Petra from DMGs Core+.

Petra supports multiple ways of even completing transactions. These include KYC wallets and AML checks to make sure everything is safe & secure for your business.

Regulatory initiatives are showing an interest in cryptocurrencies and companies like DMG have been quick to respond. These days, getting ahead in business means being ready to react when regulatory concerns arise.