Robinhood has continued to play around with the idea of listing Shiba Inu (SHIB) on their investment platform.

The company shared an opinion poll in one of their Instagram Stories, inquiring what makes a cryptocurrency project strong. They provided either its community, Elon Musk wants it or the technology used in making it.

It looks like the community is calling for a listing of Meme Coin on Robinhood. The SHIBArmy has been posting about it on social media and created a petition, which they cite as an allusion in the post.

The petition has now reached over 500,000 signatures, which means it is one of the most popular petitions on the platform.

Petition To List Shiba Inu On Robinhood Hits 500,000 Signatures As Trading Platform Taunts SHIB Holders

Despite continuous criticism, Robinhood has steadfastly remained committed to their current strategy. They believe that the options they offer are good enough and will only consider changes if necessary.

The company’s CEO Vlad Tenov has also shared that the decision was partly driven by their safety concerns over new assets.

“As for now, we want to make sure that any content we start adding has gone through a meticulous process. We know that each asset is extremely important and we do not take anything less than the best content seriously.”

This new Robinhood Shiba Inu promotion also happens to come at a time when meme coins are facing some backlash. A recent Bloomberg report from November talks about how memes “grows tiresome” as people become wary of investing in new cryptocurrency ICOs and altcoins.

The report said that SHIB is like a DogeCoin wannabe, facilitated by ETH. It predicted that when the crypto bubble bursts in the market, SHIB would see a substantial correction once investors exit in search of more stable assets.

Meanwhile, the SHIB Army is exploring different avenues to promote the use of SHIB. They’ve even created a petition for Robinhood to list it!

There are 3 petitions which address Amazon to support the meme blockchain. So far, these have gotten over 173,000 signatures combined.

The owner of Amazon, Bezos, has not responded to their petition yet. But the group seems determined to find someone who will listen after Musk refused to help them.

The SHIB price has taken a hit after it missed its listing date on Kraken. That’s because they had some technical issues that stopped them from listing it on the promised date.

However, the company’s efforts to list on a major exchange have been thwarted. The company told the exchange that listing was “still in progress” and after this conversation, SHIB dropped by 14.6%. Unfortunately for SHIB holders, the price is now around $0.000057