LAP gives the Libero token automatic staking and compounding features, and the highest Fixed APY in the market 158,893.59%, a daily ROI (Return On Investment) of 2.04%. Libero team are a diverse group of highly skilled developers, security experts, viral marketers, and professional yield farmers, having profound experience in defi & farming. We have been analyzing all the successful products in the Defi space and are exciting to bring something new, and innovative to the market. Though our goals are high, we are aware of potential downfalls and our team has exhaustively studied what causes projects in the DeFi space to implode, to combat this, we have subsequently implemented redundancies and safety measures in both the contracts and the tokenomics to prevent attack vectors, single-source oracle exploits, possible minting & rug codes and other issues that could potentially stop a project in its tracks.Backing us through the rain or shine is our strategic investor, who have a strong financial base, as well as a resilient and tested user base support, they have a famous community of diamond hands investors (61,893++ holders) & phenomenal, diverse and engaging communities spread all around the globe (currently, 18 local groups & 300,000 members in total). We have a direct advisory board comprised of core members of the Thoreum capital team.Our competent team has the knowledge, drive, and aptitude, capable of scaling Libero to the moon, and beyond. From deep knowledge of farming & defi, to unparalleled viral marketing execution, and robust influencer connections with fail-safe digital marketing strategies, the team at Libero is on a mission to make Libero the game changing Defi project in the crypto space, opening up a new era of Defi 3.0 & Fixed APY.The Libero team focused on innovation that creates benefits and value for Libero token holders. The LAP protocol which is used in the Libero token gives exceptional benefits for holders of $LIBERO:

Is Libero A Good Investment? (Is It Legit)

  • Easy and Safe – We provide auto staking, right in your wallet, when you purchase $LIBERO, therefore, there is no need to move your tokens to our website. From the minute you buy, you are staked, and set to receive rebase rewards. The easiest auto-staking in DeFi.
  • 158,893.59% APY, the highest Fixed APY on all blockchains – APYs that fluctuate means you can never tell how many tokens you will receive. Other DeFi protocols pay out a high APY that can fluctuate by 90% in a day. LAP pays $LIBERO holders a fixed interest rate of 2.04% daily or with compounding 158,893.59% annually, which tops the industry.
  • Fast Rebase Rewards every 30 minutes. Other popular staking protocols pay rebasing rewards every 8 hours which means if you want to unstake you have to time it to get maximum rewards. The Libero Auto-staking Protocol pays every 30 minutes or 48 times every day, making it the fastest auto-staking protocol in crypto.
  • Price floor supported by Defi 3.0 multichain farming profit: We will use the buy&sell tax to create the Libero Insurance Treasury fund and the treasury fund to multichain farming. The LIT funds are bridged to other EVM-compatible blockchains – like Avalanche, Fantom, Solana, Metis, Polygon, etc. to farm at the highest APY farms and the profit returned to the LIT fund. We aim to deliver ~50% additional returns a year or more to better support LIBERO price floor. We are confident that we can support 50% higher APY than other high APY projects while still be sustainable.

LIBERO = Financial Freedom The LAP uses a complex set of factors to support its price and the rebase rewards. It also uses game theory and human nature to determine the most likely habits of those who buy the token. Our development team has coordinated all of these elements so they work seamlessly behind the scenes. The result is a simple, and elegant, staking and rewards system for $LIBERO holders. The LAP is as flexible as it is powerful and will be used as the foundation for a range of Libero products, services, and projects going forward. Each will transform a different area of crypto.

How to buy $LIBERO

What is it?

MetaMask was created out of the needs of creating more secure and usable Ethereum-based web sites. In particular, it handles account management and connecting the user to the blockchain. It’s supported in Chrome, Brave, and Safari browsers.


Example: Install MetaMask in Brave browser

  • Open Extension Category in Brave: for MetaMask


Note: Make sure it’s offered by

  • Click on “Add to Brave”

That’s it! You have successfully installed MetaMask extension in Brave! img


The workflow is the same for all browsers

Create an account in MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain

  1. Click on the “Create a wallet” button

img 2. Create Password of at least 8 characters

  1. Click on “Create” and then write down your backup phrase.
  1. Select each phrase in order to make sure it is correct then click “Confirm”.

Congratulations! you have create your MetaMask account!

Connect Your MetaMask With Binance Smart Chain

  1. Go to setting page
  1. Add a new network
    • Testnet
      • RPC URLs
      • ChainID: 0x61, 97 in decimal (if 97 doesn’t work, try 0x61)
      • Symbol: BNB
      • Block Explorer:
    • Mainnet
      • RPC URLs
      • ChainID: 0x38, 56 in decimal (if 56 doesn’t work, try 0x38)
      • Symbol: BNB
      • Block Explorer:
  2. Claim some testnet token to your account Click on your address for copy img
  3. Go to faucet page:, then paste your address in the box and click on “Give me BNB”


Please note that you can only claim once every minute

After the transfer transaction is sent, you will see an increase of your balanceimg

Transfer BNB to other Binance Smart Chain address

  1. Log in to your MetaMask
  2. Click on Send button
  3. Copy the receiver’s address in the box
  4. Input the amount
  5. Go to Advanced Options to modify default gas price when necessary
  6. Confirm your transaction, then click Next
  7. Click Confirm to send your transaction
  8. Wait for your transaction to be included in the new block
  9. Once your transaction is confirmed, check it on block explorer by clicking Details
  10. Click on your account to see “Details”
    img img

Verify your transaction in Explorer: img

Add BEP20 Tokens

  1. Deploy an ERC20 contract at You can create a new file or import a sample contract:
  2. Connect your Binance Smart Chain Account to Remix
  3. Select “ABCToken” contract and compile img
  4. Deploy your compiled contract img
  5. Adjust Gas Fee for your contract, then confirm your deploy contract
    You can see that there is a new create contract transaction in block explorer img
  6. In MetaMask, Click on “Add Token”
  7. Choose “Custom Token” and copy the contract address in the box
  8. Click on “Add Tokens”
    Then you can see change of your balance
    img img

Create Multiple Accounts

  1. To create multiple accounts, you click on Profile icon on MetaMask and then click on Create Account
  2. You can then add an account name and click on Create.
  3. Then you can see a new account is created!


Since the release of v8.1.3, MetaMask sometimes displays the warning message “Invalid Custom Network”.


To solve this issue, click on “‘Settings” and enter Chain ID of Binance Smart Chain network again. If 56 doesn’t work, try 0x38.


How to Swap BNB for LIBERO.

Step 1 – Charge your wallet with the amount of BNB (bep20) you wish to swap for LIBERO.
Step 2 –
Go to Thoreum Capital using this link (Auto-Slippage):
Go to PancakeSwap using this link:
Step 3 – Set the Slippage on 13%+ in order to swap and get your LIBERO tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions
1 – How does the Rebase work?
1’ – The Rebase operation allows tokens to work in a way that the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism called rebasing. Libero uses a Positive Rebase formula which increases the $LIBERO supply of each holder.
2 – How to Stake?
2’ – Libero has created an innovative AutoStaking token which provides users a simpler way to receive staking rewards. Simply hold $LIBERO in your wallet and you will automatically receive staking rewards.
3 – How do I get my Rebase rewards?
3’ – The Rebase rewards, in simple terms, are the staking rewards. You are entitled to receive Rebase Rewards just by holding $LIBERO in your wallet.

4 – Where can I buy $LIBERO tokens?
4’ – The $LIBERO token is available on PancakeSwap.

5 – What is the slippage for the trade?
5’ – There are two different Slippages which can be used for trading $LIBERO:
1 | When you wish to buy, you will need to put the slippage at least at 13%.
2 | When you wish to sell, you will need to put the slippage at least at 20%.
You might need to add higher slippage during times when there are lots of buys and sells of LIBERO but you should only ever incur the same buy and sell fees as mentioned above.

6 – Is there a Max Supply of $LIBERO?
6’ $LIBERO is a token with elastic supply and there are no standards for its quantity. $LIBERO does not have a Maximum Supply.

7 – When does the Rebase occur?
7’ – The Rebase occurs every 30 minutes and it distribute 0.04208% of the circulating supply as S7’ – The Rebase occurs every 30 minutes and it distributes 0.04208% of the tokens in your wallet as staking rewards to $LIBERO holders. In order to track the next Rebase, a holder can check the timer on the Libero staking dashboard.
8 – How does LIBERO control inflation?
8′ – Libero is a token with an elastic supply that is controlled by a series of algorithms and elements. The goal is to always create a rising floor for the token. We use buy and sell fees as a key component for the token price and rewards.
The fees ensure a backing value of the token which helps sustain the price of LIBERO. The scenario is: When LIBERO trades below its backed liquidity the LIBERO Protocol buys-back and burns LIBERO, decreasing supply. This allows the LIBERO token to achieve a stable floating value while never falling below the value of its backed liquidity. LIBERO uses our Liquidity as the backing asset.
In addition, we also have Auto Hyper Burn program, which reduces the number of coins in circulation and causes the value of the coin to increase. Every week, ~4% of the total circulating supply will be burned. This percentage will evolve over the days based on our Automatic Hyper Burn algorithm. The burn calculation will be updated daily according to the number of holders and the tokens held by each.
9 – Are devs doxxed?
9′ – The team is composed by pseudo-anonymous developers, marketing strategist and DeFi analysts. All the members are located in different European and Asian demographic zones.