Stratis is a blockchain-based, decentralized platform that can be used to develop and deploy blockchain applications. But it has its own blockchain. It offers a number of advantages over Ethereum, such as shorter block times and lower fees.

Stratis is a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency world, but it has been making some waves due to its unique features and low price.

Stratis is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential for growth, especially with all the new developments coming up in 2018.

Blockchain solutions have been around for a while and have been used by a lot of people. With Stratis being a blockchain-as-a-service platform, it offers various products and services such as launching private sidechains, running full nodes for different purposes, developing smart contracts and many more.

The company offers cryptocurrency wallets and consulting for all your blockchain needs.

Stratis operates its own blockchain and offers a native token, STRAX. STRAX can be used to buy and operate services such as executing smart contracts, paying for sidechains, and staking to operate a Masternode — a node on the network that provides various services.

How & Where To Buy Stratis (STRAX)

Step 1: Create a Binance account

Step 2: Deposit funds

Step 3: Buy crypto coins

Step 4: Trade coins on exchange

The first step is to create an account. Once you have done so, you will need to verify your email address. You can do this by clicking on the activation link sent by the email address that you have provided.

After this, you will need to deposit funds into your account. This can be done by clicking on ‘Funds’ and then ‘Deposit’ in the main menu of the site.

You will then need to search for Bitcoin or Ethereum and copy its wallet address or scan its QR code with your mobile device before depositing funds into it.

Finally, after depositing funds, you can exchange it for STRAX

What Makes Stratis A Good Investment?

Via its whitepaper, Stratis BaaS aims to be a turnkey solution for businesses looking to develop and deploy blockchain-based applications in an easy and safe way.

In order to do this, Stratis offers businesses the opportunity to run private sidechains that interact with its main chain and to also host decentralized apps.

Enable your company to launch smart contracts and utilize other tools, like privacy or verification functions. You can also create your own customized blockchain network instead of relying on a major provider.

Stratis recently announced that they”ve become a business partner with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and International Data Corporation and will be working with MediConnect, one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK.

Other than saving time & effort, it should be noted that AI writers can also assist in the promotion of your company. It has sponsored professional athletes in order to raise awareness of its platform.

The team running Stratis, a well-known blockchain company, has released information on their new development plans for the 2020/2021 period.