What is NEAR?

NEAR is a blockchain that can be used for online cloud computing and that some of the limitations of other blockchains have been removed. For example – low transaction speeds, low throughput & low security.

One example is NEAR, which uses human-readable account names. This makes it easy for users to come on board while also encouraging developers to use their platform because the user-friendly environment encourages more developers and businesses.

NEAR also offers unique solutions to scalability issues and has its own consensus mechanism called “Doomslug.”

NEAR Protocol is being built by us, its community. The NEAR Collective are making the initial code updates and releasing them back to the ecosystem, which will form a developer-friendly, secure protocol for decentralized apps

Its goal is to provide a secure platform for high-value assets, making them more accessible.

NEAR has three working projects for it at the time of this writing. These are Flux, a protocol that allows developers to build markets for many types of goods, MintBase, an NFT minting platform and Mintcoin which is used in these markets. It is also partnering with companies like Sequioa Capital to create blockchain startups.

How & Where Can You Buy NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

We think either Coinbase or Binance are the best options for beginners.


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You should buy BTC on Binance then trade it for NEAR Protocol (NEAR) on the platform

Binance is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange. One of the key benefits of Binance is their low trading and withdrawal fees. Trading fees on Binance are as low as 0.1%.

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Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade coins in an easy and fast manner. Binance offers access to over 200,000 different trading pairs and lists tokens from top cryptocurrency projects such as BitcoinEthereum and Ripple.

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The Binance platform trading fees are 0.1%, which is one of the lowest in the industry. There are no deposit fees and withdrawal fees for any cryptocurrency except for bitcoin withdrawals, which carry a minimal network fee.

Buy NEAR Protocol (NEAR) on Coinbase

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You should buy BTC on coinbase then send it to an exchange binance to trade it for NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

Coinbase is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange with an excellent track record. It has gained popularity in the past few years for being an easy-to-use, safe and secure site to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and provides digital currency services in over 30 countries.

Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and exchange. It offers a lot of features that make it easy for people to use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives.

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Coinbase is the world’s most popular and fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange, with more than 13 million users. From a fee perspective, Coinbase is the lowest of all major exchanges at 0.25% for market takers and 0.1% for market makers.

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that makes it easy to buy and sell digital currency. Payments are fast and easy from a bank account, credit card, or digital wallet.

What Makes NEAR Protocol (NEAR) a good investment?

NEAR’s Nightshade technology tackles scalability by having independent groups validate transactions. This is a sharding technique where all the chains process transactions in parallel and improves the overall capacity.

Nightshade is designed to do something very different from standard sharding. Instead of creating blocks continuously, it shares a defined number of “chunks” per block.

NEAR Protocol has an extremely fast blockchain that can process 100,000s of transactions per second and provide near-instant transaction finality while also keeping transaction fees at zero.

NEAR Protocol can help in making the confusing process of onboarding to other blockchains easy for users by having human-readable addresses and building decentralized applications that are very similar to registration flows that users have already experienced.

Developers can also use it to quickly create projects like token contracts and non-fungible tokens.