Buy LTO binance

What is LTO?

LTO Network provides the following kinds of assistance: the facilitation and control of the entire transaction process, the exchange of information between parties, the creation of business supply chains and the secure transfer of data to third parties.

By removing the need to depend on the human factor in business transactions, LTO Network is expected to allow companies to focus on improving the efficiency, transparency and security of their business.

LTO has been listed on many crypto exchanges including binance, but it cannot be directly purchased, so you will need to use crypto pairs to get hold of that LTO. But no worries we will go over every step for you.

Where and How To Buy LTO UK

The first step is to get your hands on one of the well known cryptos out there, which are BTC and USDT , either one will work for this. I would not recommend buying on anther platform and moving it over as I have seen on other guides as this will just rack up more costs, due to the fees when moving crypto. In my opinion you are best suited in keeping it all in one place the biggest exchange and that is binance.

binance register LTO

Simply register your email and a strong password to get started. You will need to use your correct name that’s on your I.D so keep that in mind when making the account, and your correct DOB make sure you take your time and do all this accurately.

Once made you will receive an email that will take you through the next steps which will not take long to do. Another thing is they will ask you for a mobile number, again it is essential you give a valid and correct number here because it will be used to log into your account and your own account security. All of these steps may seem long winded but they are needed for you to keep this binance account safe if you intend to keep some funds on there.

All in all it should take no more than 20 minutes although depending on which country that you live in this will vary

Step 2: Use your fiat to buy BTC or USDT

Next up after we have made our binance account we need to get some btc or usdt . This can be done by directly with your debit card.

When you are in the home page of binance press ‘buy crypto’

binance buy LTO

So simple now all you need to do is buy with your debit card as if you would be buying anything on ebay or amazon, just put in your card details and boom all done.

You may have a security check to do on your first purchase, and also banks have been known to want you to prove identity, but these are small issues that will not stop you from being on your way to owning LTO in no time at all, now with that done the funds will be in your wallet. Safely and secure.

Step 3: Trade your USDT/BTC for LTO.

Binance is one of the best exchanges on the market for the fact it has so many pairs, and this is no different for its LTO pairs.

Now all you need to do is click trade on the binance home screen, then on to classic, don’t go on anything else at the moment, we want to keep things simple.

How to buy LTO on binance

Look in the top right corner and type LTO like i have done here, and you will quickly see the LTO/BTC LTO/USDT pairs.

Next click on the pair with the coin you bought earlier and you will be able to buy some.

When you click it you will have the option to use any amount of your btc on a sliding scale, and there is the option to use 100% 50% or 25% too.

If you are a complete beginner i would recommend clicking market price and there we go, its all done and you have your LTO.

If you are more advanced you can set a buy order at a price you think it will get to if it is dropping for example. If you do this its a good idea to learn some TA and this will help you predict where the price is heading to. Either way you are now the owner of LTO.

What next, what makes LTO a good purchase?

Well LTO is a hybrid blockchain focusing on making a bridge between the real world and the crypto world, they don’t depend on other crypto projects to keep going or keep being cashflow positive so the progress will not stall in a bear market.

Out of these partners and clients one that really captures my attention is United Nations. LTO has partners with top governments across the world.

This Land Registry will be expanded to many other countries, already LTO has interest in Africa to start deploying the Land Registry. Since the UN has decided to do it open source it will be easier to integrate and every tx will be anchored in LTO from every different Land Registry application.

So, who and what are LTOs Clients, Partners and use cases?

  1. Capptions: Inspection reports on the Blockchain
  2. SignRequest: Digital signatures on the Blockchain
  3. IBM: Environment data on Blockchain
  4. United Nations: Open source land registry for third world countries on the Blockchain
  5. Openbaar Ministerie: Judicial cases on Blockchain
  6. Quislex: Legal contracts on Blockchain
  7. ScanTrust: Supply chain on Blockchain
  8. Inspectie Leefomgevin en Transport: Waste transport on blockchain
  9. CMS: Lease agreements on Blockchain
  10. NEN: Certificated on Blockchain
  11. DUSK: Digital shareholder register on Blockchain
  12. Firm24: Notary procedures on Blockchain
  13. VIDT: front end services and artwork authenticity on blockchain (also recently acquired by LTO)
  14. Aratos Medica: Medical bracelet on blockchain

Final thoughts:

Binance offers 10% staking on LTO as this is being written which is another awesome bonus for you for picking up some LTO on binance, with its solid fundamentals and low market cap. This is a coin that will do extremely well and with a low estimate price of $3 dollars by the end of the bull run its a great option for a low cap gem that might blow up any time now.

With the upcoming regulations and what not and governments taking a harsher stance on crypto, will LTO network shine? they are endorsed and being used by the EU which is a great sign.

  1. The price right now is VERY low. Anything under 1 dollar is a steal. 10bn Mcap (Think VET) would be 35 dollar price. So at current price you’d get a 100x for a VET run.
  2. Decentralised ID will sooner of later become a fundamental part of the crypto space – get in early. There is no point with decentralised property/assets if you dont decentralise the identity that connects you to the property.
  3. There are a number of undisclosed customers under NDA being handled.
  4. The technical side has grown with three coders in a short time– development on DID/VC solutions will likely out-pace competitors
  5. The community is nice and will help you, check out the reddit
  6. Even though transactions have dropped it’s still a top 40 global coin in terms of volume. Don’t forget 99 percent to transactions from paying customers. Not bogus partnerships. Not collabs. Paying customers.
  7. LTO has some of the best tokenomics I’ve seen. It’s a deflationary asset going from 400M to 100M (4x). With every transaction 0.35 LTO is taken. 0.10 LTO is burned. 0.25 LTO goes to stakers as reward. This mean ACTUAL money goes from companies to investors hand. Not only that the more transactions happening the higher the staking APY. It can go as high as 15 percent. Which is better than most stable coin rackets.

So what are you waiting for get on to binance today and get the ball rolling.

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