Changpeng Zhao talks about the regulatory pressures Binance is facing -  CoinCu News

Zhao said that he will give away a large chunk of his wealth before his death. This is similar to what other company founders like Jon D. Rockefeller and others have done before him. He also mentioned that he might end up giving away considerably more than Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates!

Zhao said that he’s personally financially completely free and doesn’t need a lot of money, but he does want to provide for his wife and support his parents.

Zhao’s net worth is around $2 billion, but he holds the largest share of Binance which is said to have a valuation of up to $300 billion.

If Binance were to exit near the valuation the investors consider him to be worth then he would be very wealthy indeed. Experts believe that Zhao’s net worth is over $200 bn and maybe even more.

True, Zhao does only own bitcoin and Binance coin (BNB). He first bought bitcoins in 2014 and has also held onto most of it. The majority of his net worth is in BNB too. Zhao doesn’t hold any other cryptos to avoid “potential problems”

Zhao is doing this for the first time – he never publicly said that he plans to donate his wealth before. Amongst these icons are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Bloomberg who committed to do the same.