Look for an exchange that supports both fiat and cryptocurrency to simplify buying Frz Solar System (FRZSS)

  1. Create an account on an exchange.

Make a metamask wallet, and connect it into the pancakeswap website.

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  1. Deposit funds into your account.

Put the fund into your metamask wallet, then that will allow you to swap it for FRZSS

  1. Buy Frz Solar System (FRZSS)

Using pancake swap quickly swap your BNB for Frz Solar System (FRZSS)!

What is FRZ solar system Token ?
the main purpose of the FRZS token is to strengthen the solar energy industry and expanding this industry to help electricity supply for not a far future also with cooperation with companies, we have focused on reduce electricity generation costs

 We are the best and most complete token in this field and we are progressing and examining the problems every day to makes our token the best in this field.
The Solar System is the Sun and all the objects that orbit around it. The Sun is orbited by planets, asteroids, comets and other things. The Solar System is about 4.6 billion years old. It formed by gravity in a large molecular cloud. The other objects are pulled into orbit around the Sun.

In today’s world, human beings face a very big concern called climate change, one of the causes of which is fossil fuels This energy source is depleted and emits large amounts of CO2 when combined with oxygen. It seems that reducing energy consumption and replacing the fossil fuel source with a clean and renewable source are effective and practical methods leading to lower CO2 emissions. Renewable energies such as solar are focused in a wide range of studies.

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)? 
The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) offers the FRZSS community additional interoperability of working with their exchanges through Ethereum-based wallets, like MetaMask. An additional benefit of giving FRZSS tokens on the BSC is that it offers our FRZSS Community a good blockchain experience through more modest exchange fees contrasted with the Ethereum Network.
Binance Smart Chain has many advantages over Ethereum. The most significant ones are:
Low transaction fees:
The transaction fees in ethereum hit record highs, where BSC gas fees are 20 times lower than ethereum, and its transaction fees reach as low as 1 cent, which is considered a high advantage for users.
EVM Compatible:
Another most important advantage is that BSC is EVM compatible, supporting Metamask, one of the most popular Defi Wallets.

High Speed:
BSC utilizes Proof of staked Authority consensus (PoSA), where a new block is produced every 3 seconds, a high-speed infrastructure required in Defi apps.
Community-Driven Decisions:

We share direct data with the community; thus, the FRZSS community acts transparently. We provide control of the decision-making, operations, and changes in the platform straightforwardly to the groups in the FRZSS community. 

The decentralized structure is the most popular feature in Blockchain. Any transaction done by a user will be recorded. All community members can access the information on a transaction and can see exactly how and when a transaction is processed at any time. Hence this reduces the need for an intermediary to transfer data between users, and transparency is ensured.
Airdrop :

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens en masse to their communities in a bid to encourage adoption.Crypto users that frequently interact with new and existing platforms will likely receive an airdrop at some stage. Airdrops involve blockchain-based projects and developers sending out free tokens to members of their communities as part of a broader marketing initiative.The main idea is to send newly minted tokens to hundreds or thousands of different wallet addresses with the hope recipients will be more inclined to engage with the corresponding project – even if it’s only to learn how to cash out the free tokens into something else.The primary reason for organizing a crypto airdrop is to promote a blockchain startup, project or service. By issuing tokens to users, the team can bootstrap its project and ensure a fair distribution of tokens among its community from day one. Moreover, recipients of these tokens are incentivized to increase awareness and help the project reach a broader audience once the token begins trading on an exchange. The more interest surrounding the token, the more likely it will rise in price.