What is Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure transactions. It has exploded in the last few years, with Bitcoin becoming the most famous cryptocurrency and many others following suit.

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that uses cryptography for security and verification of transactions. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by any government or central bank, so they are not subject to any regulations.

Cryptocurrency benefits are many. It is an efficient, transparent, and secure way to make payments between two parties. It is also a decentralized, digital currency that can be exchanged for goods or services online without the need for banks or credit card companies.

Cryptocurrency benefits are numerous. This digital currency is a form of digital or virtual currency which uses cryptography to control its creation and management, instead of issuing traditional central bank-issued money. Cryptocurrency has been called a decentralized peer-to-peer network of currency, payments systems and markets with no central authority or central server.

Best Books to Learn about Cryptocurrency


Have you heard about Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Technology, but you are still vague about what they are and how they work?
Are you worried that it’s too technical and that you will never understand the concepts?
Are you a newbie and looking out for an opportunity to become a crypto trader?
Search no more as you’ve just got to MASTERING CRYPTO 2021
MASTERING CRYPTO 2021 is the most comprehensive collection on what concerns the world of cryptocurrencies and trading.

The collection consists of:
The book provides simple and concise information on all aspects of Blockchains, wallets, mining, and smart contracts.
Topics you can expect to see in this book include:

  • Cryptocurrency investment strategy 2021


Topics you can expect to see in this book include:

  • Exchange Cryptocurrencies
  • Introduction to crypto trading
  • Understanding the technical and fundamental analysis in crypto trading
  • Market Perspectives – Future Visions – 2021
  • Tools And Advice

and much, much more!

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Blockchain Bubble or Revolution: The Future of Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies 

Some experts say that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are just a scam; others say they’re “the most important invention since the internet.” It’s hard to tell who’s right.
Authored by Silicon Valley leaders from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, Bubble or Revolution cuts through the hype to offer a balanced, comprehensive, and accessible analysis of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

You’ll learn the core concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies to understand their strengths and weaknesses from real-world case studies; dive deep into their technical, economic, political, and legal complexities; and gain insights about their future from exclusive interviews with dozens of tech industry leaders.

Are blockchains and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin a bubble or a revolution? We’ll help you decide for yourself.

What’s inside:

Bitcoin and the blockchain
How Bitcoin and blockchains work from a technical perspective with no assumed technical knowledge

Satoshi Nakamoto and the history of Bitcoin, the original blockchain

A thorough overview of crucial crypto concepts (eg. blocks, keys, mining, nodes, etc.)

Frameworks for understanding when it actually makes sense to use blockchain

Major application scenarios for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and where it’ll fall flat
Public blockchains and altcoins
Emerging trends in blockchain technology

What you should know before buying any cryptocurrency

An overview of Etherum and smart contracts

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the top altcoins and stable coins, including Monero (XMR), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Alternatives to blockchain and cryptocurrencies

New kinds of decentralized ledger technology (DLT)

The economics of both traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency security best practices and major breach case studies
Private blockchains
How blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and traditional banking and finance will interact with one another in the future

Public blockchains vs private blockchains

Limitations and shortcomings of public blockchains and cryptocurrencies

The role of blockchain in the strategy of top tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft

Case studies of how non-tech companies are effectively utilizing blockchain (eg. Walmart using it to prevent foodborne illness)

Business blockchain case studies ranging from gaming (e.g. Xbox) to cloud services (e.g. Microsoft Azure’s blockchain-as-a-service and Amazon’s AWS offering)

Blockchain’s use for big data, internet of things (IoT), and machine learning (ML)
Cryptocurrency regulation and policy
ICOs vs STOs vs IPOs

KYC and AML laws

The debate over whether cryptocurrencies are securities

The official stance of various countries on crypto

An overview of crypto policy and regulatory hurdles

The role of crypto in emerging markets and China

Digital democracy and voting on the blockchain
The future of decentralized technology
If, how, and when the tokenization of national currencies will play out
Facebook and WhatsApp’s upcoming cryptocurrencies

Currency tokenization and China’s efforts to tokenize the yuan

Blockchain, IoT, and the tangle

Cryptocurrencies vs. fiat vs. the gold standard

Predictions about the future of money, business, and currency

Why blockchains would do better on Mars than Earth

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The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking 

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

When a pseudonymous programmer introduced “a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party” to a small Online mailing list in 2008, very few paid attention. Ten years later, and against all odds, this upstart autonomous decentralized software offers an unstoppable and globally-accessible hard money alternative to modern central banks. The Bitcoin Standard analyzes the historical context to the rise of bitcoin, the economic properties that have allowed it to grow quickly, and its likely economic, political, and social implications. 

While bitcoin is a new invention of the digital age, the problem it purports to solve is as old as human society itself: transferring value across time and space. Ammous takes the listener on an engaging journey through the history of technologies performing the functions of money, from primitive systems of trading limestones and seashells, to metals, coins, the gold standard, and modern government debt. Exploring what gave these technologies their monetary role, and how most lost it, provides the listener with a good idea of what makes for sound money, and sets the stage for an economic discussion of its consequences for individual and societal future-orientation, capital accumulation, trade, peace, culture, and art. Compellingly, Ammous shows that it is no coincidence that the loftiest achievements of humanity have come in societies enjoying the benefits of sound monetary regimes, nor is it coincidental that monetary collapse has usually accompanied the collapse of a civilization. 

With this background in place, the book moves on to explain the operation of bitcoin in a functional and intuitive way. Bitcoin is a decentralized, distributed piece of software that converts electricity and processing power into indisputably accurate records, thus allowing its users to utilize the Internet to perform the traditional functions of money without having to rely on, or trust, any authorities or infrastructure in the physical world. Bitcoin is thus best understood as the first successfully implemented form of digital cash and digital hard money. With an automated and perfectly predictable monetary policy, and the ability to perform final settlement of large sums across the world in a matter of minutes, Bitcoin’s real competitive edge might just be as a store of value and network for final settlement of large payments – a digital form of gold with a built-in settlement infrastructure. 

Ammous’ firm grasp of the technological possibilities as well as the historical realities of monetary evolution provides for a fascinating exploration of the ramifications of voluntary free market money.

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Cryptocurrency: In 10,000 Words or Less: A Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrency, Trading, Bitcoin and The Blockchain


Cryptocurrency and its non-tangible functionality has drastically risen in popularity since the mid 2010’s, and while it has the potential to shape the future of our economy, the concept of it is difficult to understand.

This book breaks down the complex nature of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and The Blockchain into easily understandable and digestable chunks. so that even the biggest crypto novie will come out the other side understanding the history of Cryptocurrency, how it operates and what the future looks like.

Book Chapters:
1)The Evolution of Currency
2) The Idea of Cryptocurrency is Born
3) Understanding Blockchain Technology: The Decentralized Alternative To Central Banking
4) Bitcoin and Altcoin: Is The Future Finally Here?
5) How The Technology Behing Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business and The World

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Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire: My Unlikely Escape from Corporate America

Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire: My Unlikely Escape from Corporate America

At the start of this riveting memoir, Dan Conway is a brash young executive in a vast corporation, slogging his way up the ladder while struggling with depression and an addiction he thought he had defeated long ago. As he begins to realize that the mix of nightmarish bureaucracy and his unruly “flip side” have doomed any chance of success, Dan stumbles upon cryptocurrency, tumbling down the rabbit hole to discover a strange, anarchic, but captivating world. He decides to wager everything – his savings, his marriage, his family, his future – on the fledgling crypto, Ether.

In Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire, listeners join Dan on this rollicking, harrowing, frequently hilarious journey, including his:

  • Struggle to rise through the corporate ranks
  • Battle with addiction and its aftermath
  • Bid to reinvent himself
  • Efforts to hold his marriage and family together
  • And the costs – and thrills – of risking it all.

“For Conway, crypto was only partly about the money. It was also about finding liberation and salvation.” (Forbes)

Dan details in a non-technical and non-preachy way how the idea of blockchain-based decentralization has convinced a generation of dreamers, misfits, and gamblers to too often bet more than they can afford to lose. He illustrates how public blockchains like Ethereum could disrupt the nature of work itself in the coming years, upending stultifying centralized corporations in favor of “trust machines” and peer-to-peer cooperation. In the process, listeners take a thrilling ride with Conway on a turbocharged adventure through crypto, not knowing if he will make history or lose everything he holds dear.

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Cryptocurrency 1×1 – The Guide to Financial Freedom: How you deeply understand blockchain, invest in cryptocurrencies and achieve maximum return incl. Bitcoin, Altcoin and More

The Guide to Financial Freedom €€€

How you deeply understand blockchain, invest in cryptocurrencies and achieve maximum return

♦ incl. Bitcoin, Altcoin and More ♦

Face it, no one is comfortable with being broke. If it doesn’t make you live in perpetual lack and frustration, it will fizzle out every ray of hope that’s left for you.

But that’s by the way. There is a better, more enticing fact, and here’s it: you can live constantly above lack and enjoy financial breakthrough without having to play fast and loose. This book is set to introduce you to the hard facts about cryptocurrency that would change your financial trajectory.

Count the book, Cryptocurrency 1×1 – The Guide to Financial Freedom, out of the many ‘how-to’ books out there that do not really work. In here, you will find all you need to know to become a crypto expert and trade successfully — no stress, no expense!

Among a lot of other revealing tips and tricks, this book contains:
• An easy-to-grasp explanation of crypto currency.
• How to deeply understand block chain.
• A step-by-step guide on how to invest in cryptocurrencies and achieve maximum return.
• Pitfalls to watch out for and how to avoid them.
And much more!

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Why is Reading, Researching about Cryptocurrencies Beneficial

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. Recently, new writers have been getting involved with crypto. They’re using it as a platform to discuss similar topics such as blockchain, development, and business.

Many people are curious about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There are a number of websites that offer in-depth information about cryptocurrencies and how they work. Many popular blogs and news sites have dedicated sections to cryptocurrency news. Reading about these topics is much better than staying in the dark because many people, including crypto investors, have much to gain from understanding what’s going on in this revolutionary space.

Reading about crypto can help increase your knowledge and understanding of this new, unpredictable market.

The crypto market is a somewhat complicated world. One needs to have a thorough understanding of this new industry in order to be able to do proper research and stay updated on the latest news. This also means that it is quite time-consuming as one needs to go through a number of different resources as well as information from different sources. In order for one not to fall victim to scams, they need to have

There are many benefits to reading about cryptocurrency. It helps you stay up to date on the latest trends, follow different forums and improve your understanding of the market. You can research various topics like how it is regulated, what the future of blockchain might be, and how it has evolved over time.

The world of cryptocurrencies has rapidly evolved into something that people all over the world are paying attention to. It’s easy to see why with how quickly these digital currencies are growing in value. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have become a staple of the modern economy. People who want to invest or learn more about the technology now have countless options for doing so thanks to the explosion of information available