I have enjoyed both Pokemon and digital trading card games, so the game seemed worth it. Most reviews of this game are from people who only focus on the earning aspects of the game, rather than the “having fun” aspects.

Now that I’ve learned how the game works, I wanted to share my thoughts and maybe even help some people decide for themselves.

I would like to mention that starting this game is expensive. It has a high barrier to entry, so it’s not for everyone.

Their bodies are formed in the image of certain card types, with their colors coming from their parents. They make cards when bred together.

This game comes with multiple axes and stats which are just like in other Pokemon games. The unique thing about this game is the way they mix the two – it is what makes me interested in playing!

When you play the game, you put your three heroes into the fray. You draw two cards which belong to one of your heroes at the beginning of each turn. You can use this energy to help them out with powerful attacks.

You’ll be able to re-watch the turn’s resolution and see changes as they happen. If you choose not to, the game goes on and we hope you’ll come back for a rematch afterward. We can’t wait to hear what others think!

Axie Infinity, A Players Review

Axie Infinity, A Players Review

If you enjoy a genre of videogames, or were thinking about trying a new one, this might be a good place to start. A lot of people seem to be disappointed and may find the game a bit boring.

If you’re into trying new skills and expressing yourself as a player, this game offers plenty of room to experiment and express themselves. Experienced players will enjoy the strategies they can take advantage of as well.

Actually, PvP in Arena right now is a very crowded and competitive scene. I find that my best way to play the game is when I have a companion by my side.

PvE mode is an interesting aspect of the game, but it’s also a grindfest. It’s fun to do sometimes, but you wouldn’t really do it unless there’s some kind of incentive.

What is earning money like on Axie infinity

There are 3 ways to make money: Collecting, breeding & selling

Let’s start by talking about one of the most common ways to earn potions: playing. Once you play with lucky Unicorns, those lucky unicorns will give you coins – coins that can be exchanged for real-world money!

Right now, SLP is selling for a little over 8 cents a unit and has been on the decline since it was minted.

From PvP, you can earn Submission Losing Points until you are out of energy, which refreshes every day. When you win a fight, you are rewarded a certain Submission Losing Point amount based on your rating that I am not familiar with right now.

I usually only earn 3 SLP for winning a fight or season, so I hope to get better and increase my income some day. There are also really cool rewards on the leaderboards if you place high.

You can choose whether to play with other people or not – and I personally do not find it fun. It only provides 50 SLP per day which does not seem like much, and the levels become too challenging and frustrating for me.

You can earn an additional 25 SLP daily by doing both PvP and PvE. This takes about 1.5-2 hours of gameplay time each day, depending on how long you play. At current prices, this is worth $13-15/day, which translates to $160/month

Breeding in Axie

Breeding is similar to having a good gene pool. It’s all about common traits and making sure that your babies can read and write and do other things better than other axies.

Axies are expensive to breed, costing up to 300 slp each. Breeds start at 300 SLP for a pair and increase by 100 slp on every new lineage.

The price of breeding an axie right now is $155. Compare that to the average price for baby axies, which goes up to $2,000. I would say if you can breed an axie with strong pedigree (parents), you’ll probably get anywhere between 50-500 dollars per baby.

So if you’re inexperienced, it is recommended to not get into resselling. It is for people with expertise in the field of playing games and looking out for deals

What are the risks and negative points of axie infinity

Here are some of the risks associated with playing online so you know what to expect if you’re considering getting involved.

– Buying a bad team at the start is awful. You WILL be unhappy and will fail to even grind the PvE content effectively. You should do your research beforehand

– It’s hard to say what prices will be, but it’ll likely depend on the devs.

– SLP’s price has been steadily declining in recent months, ultimately making it much less profitable for players to play the game.

– There is a “pay to win” factor in the game. Some meta chains can be around $US2,000 and you cannot expect a lot from a low-tier team. Meta teams have weaknesses but the cost of buying counters is sometimes worth it.

– We don’t have a very good idea of what’s happening with development or when any updates will happen. It is also taking them a long time to finish the game they started three years ago

It can feel somewhat forced to play for the daily rewards, but it’s a good idea to start somewhere & you’ll get ROI in the long run.

Final thoughts on AXS

I think the game is pretty cool, but some people probably won’t like it. Players who enjoy turn-based strategy games might appreciate this one.

You might want to think twice about playing the game for money. I don’t think it’s worth it, but that’s just my opinion. You’ll just have to wait around until there is another update to see if my thoughts are correct. Other than that, thank you for reading this review!