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The following list contains every way you can get free Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

We know that avoiding shady websites and downloading programs from unknown sources are important. This list contains only trusted services that we have tried and tested ourselves.

A Collection Of All The Ways To Earn Free Crypto

Coinbase is one of the most popular ways to get your cryptocurrency accounts set up, but the process is actually really lengthy. You’ll have to complete some paperwork, you might have to wait for a few days for it to go through.

Accepting a job with coinbase is easy! Once you’re up and running, you just have to watch a simple video on how to do your task, then answer a few questions while you’re at it. The entire process should only take about 10 minutes.

There are many projects that rewards crypto in different programs, and some of them even refresh with a new project shortly after the old one is successfully verified.

Start on coinbase today here

CoinMarketCap Earn [various cryptocurrencies]:

CoinMarketCap has launched CoinMarketCap Market. For this, you’ll need an account (just needs email and password) and a verified CoinMarketCap account (which requires verification, but there’s no waiting list once verified).

As this company distributes payouts over time, you sometimes need to wait for quite some time before the money hits your wallet. Unfortunately, this company does not attempt to make instant payments like Coinbase Earn.


Faucets [various cryptocurrencies]:

It is possible to get a small amount of crypto very quickly by using this strategy. To avoid any issues, just have your wallet hold the coin and its digital address on it. For security purposes, many wallets will generate a new address or pin every time you make a payment.

Cryptocurrency faucets provide some pretty interesting ways of earning cryptocurrencies such as the web sites that allow users to donate small amounts of BTC and get an occasional payout.

Airdrops [various cryptocurrencies]:

An airdrop involves sending tokens in order to boost a company’s awareness in a certain area. They are an effective marketing tool and can be applied to the cryptocurrency market.

They’re free, or they might require you to hold tokens/do small tasks

Airdrops are effective marketing tools that can be applied to the cryptocurrency market.

Bounties [various cryptocurrencies]:

Cryptocurrencies often offer “bounties” where they will distribute tokens to members of the crypto community for specific tasks, such as writing articles about the cryptocurrency, creating videos about it, or spreading awareness.

These tasks are open to the public and currently have a reward. Once the token launches, participants will be able to redeem their tokens.

Bounties are cryptocurrency giveaways that can be difficult to find. This website tracks and shares the bounties available on Telegram and Twitter.

Reddit [MOON, DOGE, NANO]:

Yeah, Reddit. There are actually a couple of ways to earn crypto on Reddit. One way is to post a Cryptocurrency article or review and get paid for it. Another way is to join a Discord group that pays out cryptocurrency as well as other goodies.

Moonbits! You need to set up your Moonbit Vault (on the app) and you’re ready to receive Moonbits next distribution! They happen every month, and a fixed amount of newly minted Moonbits will be distributed into the r/CryptoCurrency community.

Other subreddits have had bots that give out crypto, so if you get a good submission, you might have to give some back.

Publish0x [ETH]:

You will earn crypto just by reading content on the website (which is related to cryptocurrency) and writing it. Jump on the train and do your part, so others can get onboard!

NFT marketplaces [various cryptocurrencies]:

Many websites now offer a platform for selling artworks, collectibles, and in general NFTs. The most commonly used how-to explain the term often refers to these as “non-fungible tokens” or just “NFTs”.

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has seen a massive surge in popularity and development in the last few years. Along with the growth, we have also seen a rapid increase in the number of crypto exchanges and NFT marketplaces.

NFT is short for “non-fungible token”, an asset that can be owned by one or more people. As such, they can represent unique things such as artwork, collectibles etc. If you think of it as a stock market for digital assets, NFT marketplaces are platforms which allow people to buy and sell digital assets for real money or other cryptocurrencies.

Know your responsibilities and rights pertaining to the use and ownership of content online. One of them is that you can scan, copy or print it, but you only get one original item. NFTs are used for their authenticity and uniqueness features.

You can “link” your digital paintings to the ERC-721 token you create on the ethereum blockchain. This means that whoever owns the token, owns the digital painting. They are able to sell, trade or even give it away as gifts to others

OpenSea some of the most common examples of such marketplaces. Creative people can sell their works through websites like these.

A new type of marketplaces has been popping up for a few years now. These new types of marketplaces are called NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Marketplaces.

The current market is created by supply and demand like any other traditional market. But with NFTs, the market is based on the scarcity and rarity of these items.

NFTs can be used for many different tokens such as: collectibles, art, rides, travel experiences and even real estate.

Using Brave browser

Brave browser: is a browser that you can use in order to gain BAT (Basic Attention Token) through earning. It has both PC and mobile versions and provides customized ads that respect your privacy and preferences.

Brave browser is a new web browser that has an inbuilt ad-blocker, which gives the user the ability to earn BAT tokens.

Brave browser was founded by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript. It is focused on privacy and performance, giving users an opportunity to earn tokens by viewing ads or participating in surveys.

Brave browser is also one of the top browsers for private browsing (ultra-private browsing), which blocks all ads and adult content automatically.

Games and Collectibles [various cryptocurrencies]:

The use of NFTs in games is becoming more ubiquitous. Although the title “NFTs” refers to tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain, many games are now running on more than one blockchain platform.

For example you can get rare cards in games, and there is a number of different types of cards that we could use to represent the different assets on the blockchain. All assets would be represented by decentralized and immutable ERC721 non-fungible tokens issued on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Some of these cards are very rare and if you are lucky to get on it can be worth a lot!